Chapter 10: Treasure chest and the complacency

After I woke up I go explore the opposite side I went yesterday.
Maybe I can find new things like Hobgoblin

I met a dead end after killing monsters in the way.
It seems like a box is placed here.
It is quite a big box
———-Is this the treasure box Tia talked about?
When I looked at it with True seeing eyes I could see that it is a treasure chest but I could not see what is inside.
It also was written that there is ‘No Trap’
This is really high spec power.
While feeling safe opened the treasure chest

In inside there was a sword and a bluish liquid thing inside a magic potion looking container.
I activate the True Seeing eyes as usual.

Name: Steel Sword
Type: One handed sword

Special Ability: None

Name: Low Potion
Type: Healing Liquid
Effect: heals light injury and fatigue.

…I see.
These items fits the first floor.
But it is also quite useful
I was thinking whether or not continue on using my hand but let’s change to the sword for now.
I also want to try the sword technique I stole from Hobgoblin.

I continue on my way wielding a new weapon.
The monster appeared in the front. 2 Kobolds.

One of the kobolds ran toward me holding a spear.
I blocked the spear and kicked him in the stomach.
I cut his head off when he stopped for a moment, and he just died like that.
——So this is the effect of the skill. Sword feels like my body.
It feels like a professional Kendo player, my body remembers the way to use a sword.
No, “I know ” the way.
To steal skill means to steal the opponent’s experience.

While thinking that, the second Kobolt threw the spear at me.
I was too surprised at the effectiveness of the skill and failed to dodge.

“Kuh…It hurts motherf*cker!”

My wound hurts like hell.
I was able to survive but I injured my shoulder.
Even though I always said carelessness will lead to death, I am pissed at myself for actually being careless, I pierced the kobold’s body with my sword, and I crushed the head of the fallen kobold.

After I picked up the magic core, I thought back to the battle.
——-complacency. This injury is caused by my unconscious complacency.
The truth of me never getting injured.
Achievement of killing superior ranked species with only hand.
They all added up to my stupid pride.
——-Let this be a lesson. There will be no second time.
This place does not allow mistakes.
To survive in the dungeon where danger is everywhere, you must adapt to it.
I Inscribed this to my heart.

Now, that is the end for reflection
I need to move on, Heal my wound.
The spear kobold wielded was rusted.
It won’t be good if I get any disease in a place like this.
I have to heal myself quick.

——Maybe I should use that.
I took out the low potion I found in a treasure chest.
When I poured the potion to my injury, it started to close the injury.
If the injury is only this much then it could heal easily.
It is a sort of a representative medicine in a fantasy, When I see it in real life it really is amazing.
“My injury is healed so I should start moving”

After exploring for another 6 hours I found a new resting place.
For now, I should enter is what I thought but it seems, there was already a guest there.
And this is how I met my classmate in the dungeon for the first time.

——-What I didn’t know right now was that this meeting will greatly affect my future morality.



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