Chapter 11: Reunion and Conversation (Sponsored chapter)


The moment I entered the room, the man inside started screaming.
——-Fuck, should I kill this guy.

He noticed my sullen mood, and he trembled slightly.

“Eh, Ah, Etto….So, sorry. That..”

“No, I don’t mind”
—–I care a lot. I really care a lot
At least look at me.

After 5 minutes he seemed to calm down
“Etto…You are….Kurosaski-kun right?”

“Aaah I am Kurosaki. You are…Azakura..right?”


“Aaa, how should I say it, You were alive huh”

“Unn, Maa.. somehow I was able to survive”

Truth to be told, I didn’t think he would be alive.
Azakura Kimito is his name.
He is not a guy who stand out, and neither a loner.
He is a kind of guy who seems to blend in with the crowd.
An average man.

——-That’s why I’m surprised that he is alive
He does not look so weak or became thinner, at least he must have eaten a meal or two.
It means he killed a monster and gained a point.
I’m astounded by the fact that he was able to fight.

“You, cleared the tutorial?”

“..Un, yes. But after that, I never fought again”

“I’ve found here by avoiding monsters while moving”

“And I’ve been using tutorial clear reward to….”

“I see….”

“Etto, Kurosaki-kun…have been get here?”

“Ma, I’ve killed every monster I saw at sight”

“This is the second rest room I found”
I said that and sighed lightly

“That is amazing…I couldn’t possibly force myself to do that”

“But what are you going to do for the future”

“The point will sooner or later finish”

“U, Unn. It is like that…”

“But, Fighting for me.”
He laughed self-mockingly.

“But you were able to fight in the tutorial?”

“No, I couldn’t fight at first. But when I was running away for a long time, Fairy gave a helping hand so…”

“Fairy did that?It gave you a helping hand, did you fight?”

“Uunn. she set the monster to be still”

“And as a compensation, she decreased the reward by half”

——I see, it worked like that.

“But you were able to kill right?than..”

“I just can’t! When I see them move, my body starts trembling…”

“This it the end for me. I can only die here….”

I couldn’t say anything to Azakura.
I didn’t know what to say.
But I shouldn’t give him a helping hand irresponsibly, oh well its not like I’m gonna help anyway.
Plus Azakura is not asking for my help


————This guy, He lied.




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