Chapter 12: Lie and Desire

——-Azakura Kamito is lying
I first noticed it when Azakura said this.

“…Unn, yes. But after that, I never fought again”

While Azakura was saying this, there came a black smoke coming from Azakura’s body.
This was the first time I saw this phenomenon but I understood quickly.
——I see, This is the power of True seeing eyes….

Azakura lied some more after this.
This is what I could come up with after speaking with Azakura.

He burrowed the power of Fairy. ←- Truth
He didn’t battle after the tutorial ←- False
His point will be exhausted if he continue on ←- False
He trembles seeing Monsters ←- Truth

It seems it was true he gets trembled when he sees the monster.
He must have fought him even though he is scared.
But if that is true, why does he have to lie.
I don’t understand this.
“I know you will scorn me if I say this but…. ”
He is speaking while lying down.

“Can you help me….Fight the monsters.”

“Azakura your going to fight?”

“Unn…I can’t keep on like this…”

“I don’t want to die this soon”

These words are his true desire.

“..I see. …Alright, I will lend you a hand”
He might’ve lied.
But, I couldn’t just leave him be.

“I will weaken him. And you finish him off”

“Unn, I understand”

Right now, we left the rest room and is exploring.
I’,letting Azakura finish off the monsters who appeared.

“..Did you get used to it?”

“I guess so”

He looks slightly pale. He has been trembling for a while.

“This is enough for today. Let’s return to the room”

“Unn… Thanks, Kurosaki-kun”

“No problem”

After we got back to the room, we ate.

“…How do you feel right now?”

“…Unn, I feel fine. Thanks for worrying about me”

“Can you keep going by yourself?”

“…Not sure… I don’t know yet”

This word was a lie.
Azakura can already fight by himself.
Than why did Azakura ask for my help.
I don’t understand.

“..Let’s just sleep for tonight”

“Unn, we should. ….Can you help me again tomorrow too.”

“Aah, I don’t mind”

“I see, Thanks. I feel really gratified”

“Kurosaki-kun is actually not a scary person, as I thought you were”

He said so and smiled a little.

“Good night. Help me out tomorrow too, thanks.”

——Why, Azakura? Why do you have to——–
——–Lie like this



4 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Lie and Desire

    • I doubt that’s the problem here. Would have already stolen his if that was the case, assuming it’s more convenient then the mc’s kind of steal ability. The fact that the mc has the same kind of ability makes it less likely too.

      It’s probably just that the guy likes killing, and is trying to get an advantage before aiming at him.


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