Chapter 13 Special and First time..

Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

The moment he said these words, the black cloud emerged again.

Azakura thinks he won’t survive till tomorrow.

No, this guy probably……

A room with only two people.

Breathing sound gets quieter and quieter.

….Breathing sound stopped. No, it decreased。

The side where the breathing sound stopped, a man stood up.

And starts moving quietly and slowly, as if to not disturb me from waking up.

For the other side, the breathing sound is calm and tranquil.

This guy goes closer to the man who is sleeping soundly and look at his sleeping face.

——He looked like this.

He thought, only this.

——He seems to be sleeping peacefully

He smiled with pleasure.

As if he is able to accomplish what he dreamed of, he is trembling really happily.

He brandished his sword and flung it up.

Without any hesitation, he tried to cut off the male’s head.

The moment it about pierced through, the male suddenly moved.

The sword pierced through the stone floor and made a loud bang sound.

The guy who was sleeping peacefully stood up instantly and jumped backwards to take some distance.
—–I knew this would happen

I sighed as I thought it in my heart.

I knew Azakura was scheming something.

And the one which is not good for me.

That is why I waited.

I waited till he took off his sheep’s clothing and show his bloodthirsty wolf side. I’ve waited for it all this time.

“…Azakura, you got some guts”

“..I didn’t think you would be able to dodge”

He said that and looked at me with greed.

He looks like a predator who found its prey.

“Why would you do this?”

“Why? It’s obvious”

—–To become stronger

Azakura said with a disgusting smile.

“You could just kill the monster to become stronger. You’ve been doing it all this time”

“Ale, you already knew? I thought I could trick you easily”

“I have a skill with appraisal ability. You can’t lie in front of me”

“..I see, so this is why my attack failed”
“Yes it is like that…and why would you try to kill me if you want to become stronger?”

“I guess, I should teach you something”

“It seems if the other worlder kill another other worlder than he gets more EXP than normal. And you can get the skill they own.”

“Why do you know about this.”

“I got it from Tutorial. I asked this in my last question, and it answered back”

“You don’t understand people like me? I am not special person like you”


“Unn, yes. Special. Rare is also fine to describe you”

“What part of me is special? Are you talking about my eyes?”

“Uunn, no. What I am talking about is more about the essence.”

“Essense? I don’t understand”

“You won’t know? Since you are special”

“For you all people, for you all people will never, will never understand me.”

“…The average person like me.”
——-I see.

I’m starting to feel like I understand what Azakura might be trying to say.

This guy called me ‘Special’

It is right but at the same time wrong.

Maybe I am just ‘crazy’

Even though I am in this kind of situation, I didn’t get much panicked.

I didn’t feel bad for killing a monster, who also have a life.

Maybe a person like me, has somewhere that is ‘crazy’.
But, Azakura is different.

He was a normal guy.

Without any consent, were brought to the battlefield and was forced to fight.

At the end of the tutorial, the moment he took the life of the goblin, probably Azakura’s weak heart——-

——- Got broken.

He starts trembling when he is in front of a monster.

I thought it was something which came from fear.

But this guy is different.

Probably it is not from a fear.

——–it is adrenaline.

In front of a monster, and the truth that he must take its life, he can’t help but get excited.

He can’t face the truth without it.

He can only run from the truth with this way.

Azakura’s heart got broken. He couldn’t do anything about it.

Maybe this it the ‘normal’.

Then I that he sees must be ‘crazy’.

He was able to face the truth without having his heart broken, I look like a monster to him.

“You are really amazing. You not only faced the truth, you tried to save me. Even knowing that I lied.”

“That’s why I wanted to kill you”

“I wanted to get the power after I killed you.”

“Than maybe I could’ve become stronger”

“I thought I could become ‘special’”

“…You will never become one. Even if you stole my power”

“So why don’t we just call it quits”

—–I’ve never talked to him before. I only knew him by his face. He was only worth that much.

But I didn’t want to abandon him.

“stop?……….Aha, aha, ahahahahahahahahahahaaa!”

“Stop? Stop now, it is already too late!?”

“..let’s just stop. Let’s conquer defeat the monster and get stronger than we can conquer the dungeon.”

“..You are really amazing…. I knew you were ‘special’”

“But. I am different. Me and you are different”

“It is impossible to stop. And I don’t have any will to stop”

“I’ve understood your ability after looking at you for a whole day”

“It would’ve been great if I could get you while you were sleeping but, it didn’t proceed as easily as that”

“That’s why I am going to face you upfront”

He said that and took out something from the Box

“Do you know what this is?”

The thing Azakura took out has a shape of a smoke bomb.

“No Idea, is it a dango or something? You want to become my friend?”

“Nope, wrong! So Kurosaki-kun also can joke. But it isn’t funny at all, though”

“You really changed”

“Really? I became like this probably because of the dungeon”

“..True. what is that thing?”

“This is an item which contains poisonous gas. I found it in the Treasure Chest”

“You don’t mind letting me know? If I dodge it won’t your plan fail”

“I don’t mind since you won’t be able to dodge it”

“Hou, such confidence”

“Yup, If I use my gifted skill I can kill you for sure.“

He said that and ran towards me.

And I tried to run further toward the back but unfortunately, this room is not that wide.

And Azakura is standing in the entrance, and it will be hard to escape.

—–this guy, he is quite a strategist

He is grinning widely and is approaching me.

This all must be in his calculation

Now I am trapped in the wall.

“Hahahah, Now you don’t have anywhere to run?You should just die quietly”

“You don’t know yet. Even if you try throwing that at me, all I have to do is dodge and I will win.”

“Unn, true. You probably will be able to dodge.”

—–If I throw at you.

Azakura threw the thing he carried to the floor

The moment Azakura’s hand left the item, I dashed toward Azakura.

He has so many openings due to him thinking he already won, So I punched him real hard than Jumped outside.

Poison gas spreads really quickly

It’s not something a 1st-floor item is capable of.

This is the effect of the Azakura’s Gifted skill.

——-2x Tools effect

This is one of the gifted skill Asakura has.

The effect is how the words read.

It multiplies the effect of the item he used by twice

For the Poison gas, he used, this time, it can multiply the sphere of range and it’s effect by twice.

By using this Azakura tried to kill me without having to throw at me.

But won’t Azakura suck in the gas?

But, there is no need for the worry.

——Resistance against Abnormal states

This is the second Gifted skill Azakura has.

So Azakura won’t get affected by poison nor paralysis.

Meaning he thought he would survive even using the poison gas on the whole room.

—–I already knew it, though.

The moment I met him I knew his skill.

I was able to know his plan the moment he took out the Poisonous Gas.

So all I needed to do was wait for the best timing

The time when Azakura is most careless, I used this timing to run out of the room.

The room outside can’t affect the room inside so I thought so opposite also may be the same. And my idea was right, the poisonous gas inside didn’t leak to outside.

I waited till the poisonous gas dispersed and went inside.

Azakura fainted after I hit him.

I neared Azakura and smacked his face.

“..Unn.I…What happened…”

Azakura opened his eyes and woke up slowly.

And he looks at me.

His jaws dropped and became frozen.
“Why.. How..”

“Why I am alive? You want to know”

I told him everything

I have the skill to see the status.

And I already knew what you were thinking.

And you were playing on my hand all this time.

“What.. what’s this… than.. Aren’t I…”

He is mumbling while looking down.

And he suddenly looked up

“…amazing Kurosaki-kun. I knew you were ‘special’”

Azakura smiled disgustingly.

“Than , what are you going to do to me? There seems to be no jail here.”


I answered back casually.

Azakura jaws dropped again.

“Eh? Ah, Eh? What is this? What do you mean?”

“You tried to kill me and failed. Then it should be normal for me to kill you”

“Eh, wait a moment! Aren’t we a classmate!!”

—-Don’t spout some bullshit now.

“You were the one to lay your hands first. It is your fault for being careless”

“No! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!!”

Azakuar tried to run

I kick him in the stomach and rolled him.

“I won’t let you run away. Repent with your life”

—–I said it forcefully.

But I cannot forgive this guy.

He cannot be forgiven

He crossed the line.

I should eliminate him here.

This is how we live ‘here’….a way to survive the Dungeon

“Hii, no, help, please help!!”

Azakura tries to run desperately

Looking miserable with mucus and tears all over his face, he tries to run towards the exit.

I tightly hold the sword Azakura was holding.

I oppress the slight hesitancy I feel from my heart.

Azakura looking fearfully at me.

I raise the sword up high——————
Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 13

Sex: Male PT 1450



Gifted Skill:

True Seeing Eyes


Resistance against Abnormal states

2x Tools effect


Special Skill:

Coercivity aura Lv8

Strength Lv6

Enhanced nose Lv 3

Stealth lv2


Fighting Skill:

Body Maneuver Lv6

Fighting Technique Lv 5

Stick Technique Lv 3

Sword Technique Lv 3

Spear Technique Lv 4

Short Sword Technique lv4


Fearful Piercing Eyes


Fairy’s Friend

Killer of his Race


——-And this is how I adapted to the dungeon.




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  2. nice he can even get classmates abilities, wonder if he killed god would he get his power too? not saying he should just a bit of a what if question

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  3. complements for your work and gratifications for the chapter.

    Frankly thank god, finally a MC that have the guts to do it and don’t go roundaboud trying to save , if it worth save it if it harmfull end it.

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      • Indeed we’ve had, AFTER they pass some time in these situation and thourght the story(6 to 12 caps or so) he either changes his personality completly or to some extent and after this whole annoying time he begin to have the guts to do so but still takes some time to get use to it…. Now, a level headed MC that from start do think like this is quite rare.

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      • No, we had plenty of those as well. Usually you get complaints about the author taking those ones too far though, in that the character comes off as too self-serving or nihilistic. The mc hasn’t really deviated in a new or strange way yet.


      • and, hell, if your read Xianxia, you’d be swamped with mcs that quickly kill inconveniences from the get go. Ever try to have a civil conversation with a fan of Xianxia transfer and reincarnation stories? Their demand for pragmatic murder goes to the point of being unpragmatic.

        Even in fantasy and game-like settings, it isn’t new. Remember that the popularity of both transfer and reincarnation stories started off with Re:Monster…and that mc believes in pragmatic rape…


    • Normally I’d assume it would give some sort of automatic intimidation aura towards other humans, but…he’s already got that anyway.


  4. lmao he thinks he won’t be killed because they are “classmates” after what he tried to do.

    This MC really is one of the best. Now what would happen if he met some girls.

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  5. He gave him a chance to step down and a way out, despite being able to fight the monsters, even if he didn’t want to continue to more dangerous areas, he could have just fought goblins and used the points to buy food, but the guy was intent on killing other classmates to gain their skills, an inferiority complex isn’t justification to slaughter innocent people, putting him down was likely the best possible option, not just for the MC but all the characters.

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  6. I like this MC even more! I would probably have acted the same way.

    He gave him a way to fight and get stronger safely and even gave him a chance to rethink his actions before giving no more fucks. The ol’ three strikes and your out method. I mean, what would have that idiot done even if he killed all his classmates and stole their abilities when he was a coward not willing to fight monsters which would have probably been easier to do than straight up murder. He’d have been stuck there forever, only venturing out to get more points just to sustain himself.

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  7. Good job MC! Finally! None of this nonsense where “I’m a pacifist. I won’t kill.” to someone who is obviously dangerous. If he doesn’t kill him, then the asshole will just try again. Maybe not even against him, but people he cares or will end up caring about. Killing him is the obvious correct choice. Many MC is naive and runs away from their responsibility to make the hard decision. …Well it’s weird that he doesn’t feel anything about it though, but it seems to be part of his character so whatever. I’m just happy someone finally makes the correct choice against a dangerous person.

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  8. Uhh…nope, he did said he adapt to the situation he’s in. Not he didn’t felt anything, it’s along the line of survival of the fittest sort of thinking.


  9. Thanks. Not th typical beta jp mc. Hope he isn’t a pssy when it comes to romance too or it’s better if it doesn’t have romance at all.


  10. I read too much xianxia I got anoyed at the fact it took a page to kill him whilst reading a jap Ln I am a fool – to be fair this is the first jap on I’ve read in about a year because xianxia was blowing up on a Tuesday

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