Chapter 14 Treasure and Failed Appraisal

——-One week passed by from that day
Azakura’s dead body disappeared just like the monsters.
Leaving behind the things he kept it the Box.

Day after that day, I didn’t go exploring.
I passed the day sleeping.

After the day after that day, I started exploring again.
For six days I’ve been spreading the map visible range and subjugated monsters.

This is my Status:

Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 15
Sex: Male PT 1700


Gifted Skill:
True Seeing Eyes
Resistance against Abnormal states
2x Tools effect

Special Skill:
Coercivity aura Lv8
Strength Lv6
Enhanced nose Lv 4
Stealth lv 3

Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver Lv6
Fighting Technique Lv 5
Stick Technique Lv 4
Sword Technique Lv 3
Spear Technique Lv 4
Short Sword Technique lv4

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Fairy’s Friend
Killer of his Race


It is getting harder to level up my level and skill level.
No new monsters.
But I found a place where there is the higher rate of Hobgoblin appearing.
Maybe there is a floor master room on that side.
I would like to move from this rest room.
——I have enough points so I should do that.

I started moving.
…It is true there are more Hobgoblins appearing.
And the normal Goblin and Kobolds are stronger and higher level than the ones before.
I should continue forward.

—-2 hours later.
“..Oh?that is…”
I saw a really familiar sight in front of me.
I went near it.
….It is a treasure chest

I check if there are any traps using True seeing eyes, and opened the treasure chest.
There was Low potion and——–
—- “What is this”

I saw crystal ball which I’ve never seen before
There is a white spiral inside.
When I appraise with True seeing eyes—–
Name: Skill Orb
Type: Treasure

Effect: Bestows Spotter to the user
====For real
This is the skill orb…..
I believe, Tia said it is really rare, and it is really hard to get.
I didn’t think I would get it here…..
And it is the skill I don’t have….
Let’s just use it.

I didn’t know how to use it but, when I was touching randomly, the Orb shined and went inside my body.
When I check my status, Spotter lv 1 was added to my special skill
I tried using it.

—————–This amazing. Truly amazing. Definitely amazing.
This is so useful that I got really excited.
Spotter is something like radar.
It shows a point in the map.
I believe the blue point is me.
That means the 3 red point must be the monster nearby.

It was a monster.
2 goblin and hobgoblin.
I eradicated them using one handed sword.

Spotter is really amazing skill.
I’ve been using spotter for the past 2 hours and It really helps me find the enemy a lot easier.
Plus it is really efficient
I really was fortunate to obtain it in the earlier floor.

I used spotter and destroyed every red spot I see, and continued forward.
It is about time I should stop the exploration for today, but unfortunately, I didn’t find the rest room.
Hmm, it is my first time experiencing this situation.
I should experience resting outside the resting room.
But I also think it is a bit too risky.
If I had a teammate we can switch being a watch and rest but…..

I stopped my advance for now.
I’ve been advancing for really long time.
If I were to lose concentration due to fatigue, it is no joking matter.
I decided to rest here.
But a rest without sleeping. A long rest without sleeping.
I had nothing to do so I tried to master my Spotter and Stealth skill.
I will have to rely on these skills even in the future.
I want to make them my priority.

While resting, I thought of one of my skill.

——Special skill ‘Coercivity Aura’
The highest level skill I own, and the skill which was with me from the beginning.
I’ve been in the dungeon for a while but I’ve never used it before.
Truthfully, I don’t know how to use it.

I was able to use Spotter or Stealth.
My body knew the sword technique.
So this situation is the first time
I don’t know what to do with it.
That is why I’ve been delaying, about thinking deeply on this matter.
But I have enough time right now.
I should try many ways.

——I couldn’t use it.
I’ve thought of several Idea but I didn’t feel like I activated the skill.
When I noticed, long time had already passed.
I stopped inspecting the skill and started my exploration again.



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