Chapter 15: Running and Discovery

—–Run, Run, Run like a madman

Just look at the front.

—–Run, Run, Run like a madman

Kill every obstacle on the way with one hit.

Run till what you must find.

It’s been 3 days since I started Forceful Expedition.
Finally, I found it.
A heavy looking ornamented door.
It has the aura of suppressing the weak.
I knew it the moment I saw it.
There is a strong one inside.
There is no mistake it is a Floormaster.
——–Finally, I can move on.
For now, I peek inside.
I need to know the enemy.

While thinking so I opened the door.
Even though it looks heavy, but it opened easily.
When I peek inside I saw……. A goblin.
There is two Hobgoblin in front of that goblin.
And there is 3 goblin around the Hobgoblin.
Everyone is looking down, not showing any sign of moving.

There is 9 enemy present.
I want to know what kind of goblin is in the middle, but because I am outside my True seeing eyes did not work.
I have to look at it when I am in battle

I went back to the restroom I found yesterday.
I will rest today and battle tomorrow.

I woke up.
I stretched my body and yawned.
I eat lightly and check my body condition.
I check on my weapons and tools.
I am prepared
Time to fight.
Thinking so I headed out for the boss room.

Right now I am standing in front of a heavy and Coerciatic door.
——-It is fine. I can win.
Trying to encourage myself, I repeat it in my heart.
I am confident.
I should be a really high level in skill and level, for this first floor.
And I experienced many things.
What I need to do is fight like I always have done.
I pushed the door open and entered the room filled with coldness.



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