Chapter 2 Family and Daily Life

Chapter 2 Family and Daily Life


It was on a peaceful day, I was feeling really comfortable and felt really peaceful in my room, I felt something or someone broke through my doors really fiercely.


That person came near me and took my friend(blanket) then shouted really loudly.


“Wake up it’s late!!” Sounded as if my mom who always shouts at me.


No, she’s my mom. Yup, my mom.

She’s not my osananajimi (Childhood friend) from next door, nor she is a beautiful younger sister. Mom.

Well, I never really had any sister or a childhood friend.


While I was thinking about these stupid things, My mom gave me hard knuckle on my head.


“You were just thinking about stupid thing weren’t you? Quickly wake up.” She said. I reluctantly said farewell to my friend (blanket)


My dad was there when I went downstairs to the living room. Drinking coffee and reading newspaper as always.

I greeted my dad, and usual greeting came at me.

Nn, just like any other day. Everything is the same.

Today will be like any other day, I go school and enjoy my loner life.


But, Life seems to hate the no changing life of mine, maybe today something new might happen.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Family and Daily Life

  1. These are really short chapters. How does this author turn profit? I know I wouldn’t wait a week for this in fact i wouldn’t wait 2 hours I’d just let it build for a month or two then read them but with such inconsistent reading times he’d be broke for some time??????????????? I would release later and increase length this author clearly doesn’t understand basic revenue and economy theory. My user should be money grabber lol


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