Chapter 4 Collapse of daily life and Self-Proclaimed God

While I was resting on my desk, More and more people came in and the place became noisy. But even with this many people, place around me is still empty with no one coming by, just like every other day.

Even Sakuma and Shinomiya went to their respective group of friends.

It was time for homeroom but no homeroom teacher ever came.
So with no homeroom teacher one of the students went to call for an adult, the door seems to not open.

There was this guy who shouted “Calm down everyone!!”, he sounded like some sort of hero. His name is Shirogane Hayato. He is handsome, good at both study and sports plus has a righteous characteristic, A real hero who everyone likes.
Even so I don’t really like him, he’s a natural narcissist and he makes a stupid assumption most of the time. For now, everyone was able to calm down thanks to the dramatic way he said to everyone.

Suddenly, a light started shining, and the shining got stronger and stronger. Everything around me became white.
When I opened my eyes I was in space as white as the light before.
Everyone couldn’t keep up with this sudden event and were speechless for a moment.

In the middle of this place a man appeared
“Yo, welcome younglings. It’s me who called you all here.”
Everyone started panicking but suddenly a man shouted.
“Wait a moment! Who might you be!!” A real hero Shirogane said.

“I am God.”
He said as is it was normal. Everyone became quiet again.

“What the fuck are you saying. Just bring us back!” The thug (lol) Sakuma shouted but the man ignored him.

“I’m going to send you guys to a dungeon. And I want you people to conquer it”

Even though I couldn’t make up what he was saying, some humans could.

“So, So we can get cheat in another world transportation!?”
Murata Taichi who is an Otaku said. Usually, he would be reading a short novel called a light novel in class and sometimes he grins stupidly, But right now his fat filled face showed a smile.

“It’s true I’m going to give you guys a power but it depends on your luck if it is strong. Also, even if the power is strong or weak you guys’s life is on the line, I’m sure it’s not something you all will enjoy.” Said a self-proclaimed God

When the people heard their life is on the line they started panicking and shouting, but the self-proclaimed god seemed to not care.

“I will now send you guys. If you arrive in there you might as well as open your status it will help you guys. There is an even tutorial, without further ado bye, beee.”

Next moment, light surrounded us and our sight was blocked.



16 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Collapse of daily life and Self-Proclaimed God

  1. With Gods like those it’s no wonder aestheticism is on the rise. He’s such a D-bag, just kidnapped a bunch of high school kids and shoved them in a death game in a dungeon and is like.. Ta ta Kids! Have fun storming the castle! Think it’ll work? It would take a miracle. XD


    • Atheism, you mean. Astheticism is a major aspect or branch of most religions. Anyway, the story hasn’t gotten to the “reasons” section yet. There isn’t really a good explanation for anything in the story yet. Give it a sec before declaring Douche-dom.


      • no, wait, I was thinking asceticism. Well, we’re both wrong still, since this has nothing to do with art.


      • Yep, spell check/auto spell is a fickle mistress. 🙂 Also, what ever the so called gods reasons, even if they are justified which remains unknown, was it’s really necessary to just chuck then into a dungeon so perfunctory? It’s either the author being lazy with such a cliche scene or written that way on purpose to show the callous indifference to children’s lives that the god has.


  2. Also, even if the power is strong or weak you guys’s life is on the line, I’m sure it’s not something you all will enjoy.”

    might be better as

    “Also, even if the power is strong or weak your lives will be on the line so I’m sure it’s not something you all will enjoy”


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