Chapter 5 Little Loli and the Power

What I saw after the light dimmed was a floor made out of rock.

There was no one around. I guess everyone was transported to different places.
First, I need to arrange my thoughts. I know this thing:

We were forced metastasized to dungeon by Self-proclaimed God
We has to conquer the dungeon
Everyone was given a power by self-proclaimed God
We have to check our status
So without further ado lets check my status.
Feeling a little embarrassed, I enchanted the word Status, The transparent board like thingy popped up in front of me.
The thing written in here is as follows.


Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 1
Sex: Male


Gifted Skill:

True Seeing Eyes

Special Skill:
Coercivity aura

Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver
Martial Arts

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Other Worlder


What’s this?
It feels like a game…..
While I was thinking that
Suddenly light started gathering, it started to take a shape of a human
When the light dispersed, there was a little loli the size of a primary school.
Little loli showing her back to me.

“Fu fu fu, you must have called me. Come on otherworlder! I am going to show you an excellent tutoria ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”

While turning around sounding really creepy, When I thought She saw my face she screamed.

“Gyaaaaaaaa There is an ogre hereeeeee!!!!!!!”

I didn’t really understand but what I know is that she is making fun of me.
——–Why Orge. Am I a fucking mass murder? DO I really have that imposing aura? While I was thinking these stupid things, the little loli, this time, she tried to run away while shivering.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for suddenly appearing. I am going to apologize so please don’t eat me. I don’t taste good you know….”while crying real hard she said really rude things.

—–So troublesome right off the bat
While signing I go nearer to her.

“Oi, I am a human being. I don’t know what’s an ogre or something, first, try calming down.”

“Eh? Human? Eh??”

The little loli is panicking.

—— Maybe I should hit her

Maybe she heard what I was thinking, she screamed more and retreated further.
While sighing stronger, I raised my hand, sign for a loss.

“Just calm down. I am really a human. I am the other worlder you just said.”

Finally she started to understand the situation she stood up and look at me as if I was a ghost.

“Rea, really? Really a otherworlder-sama?”

“Aah, it’s true. When I opened my status you suddenly appeared”

Now that she understood her position, she probably remembered her act of crying and shaking, this time looking apologetically looked at me.

“So, sorry. That, etto, that was the thing…….”

“It’s fine. I’m already used to it”


“Well I was kinda bit pissed off”

She looks like crying again.
While feeling at lost I extended my hand toward the little loli.
Maybe the little loli thought Im gonna hit her so she screamed and shut her eyes

======I can’t hit a girl this young.
While thinking so I padded her head lightly.

“Right now I’m really not angry. So just feel safe”

Looking surprised at sudden action she didn’t me to do.

“Re, really you’re not angry?” Looking suspicially at my side

“Of course. Why should I be angry at such thing”

“Really…. Thats good…” For the first time, the little loli smiled.

“Than the misunderstanding is gone, so can I ask you who are you? And I am Kurosaki Naoto ”

“Ah, yes. I am a fairy created for this tutorial. Please to meet you, korosaki-san”

“Aa, nice to meet you. So, what should I do in this tutorial”

“Tutorial is to prepare a necessary knowledge for a person to conquer this dungeon”

“Hmm I see. Than I would like to start my tutorial but….eeto…”

“? what’s wrong”

“Nothing, I just didn’t know what to call you? Name?”

“I have no name. I was just created now”
“So you have no name…..You were created meaning I can assume you were created by that self-proclaimed god?”

“Self, self-proclaimed god. I didn’t think you would call him so, but yes he was the one who created me.”

“fuun…I guess that would do, but having no name is really the pain. Don’t you have any?”

“I don’t have any so why not kurosaki-san give me the name?”

“Me? I can just do that?”

“There won’t be any problem. If it’s okay with Kurosaki-san please think through”

It seems I must give name to a fairy

——I never thought of a name for anyone

I couldn’t come up with any good one so I took the name of the fairy queen “Tia”, and gave it to her.

“ it. My name is…. Tia…”

She is mumbling her name over and over again

“A– didn’t you like it? Should I change it?”

“No, no! Tia is good! Tia is good!!”

She shouted with a lot of energy so I was surprised but it seem she took a liking to the name.

“Than Tia. Can you start the Tutorial?”

“Yes, leave it to me!!”

“First please open the status again”



Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 1
Sex: Male


Gifted Skill:

True Seeing Eyes

Special Skill:
Coerciatic aura

Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver
Fighting Techniqe

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Other Worlder


“Is this fine?”

“Yes, thank you very much. I would be looking at it so, please. Let’s see let’s see…here…ooo….this, this one…”

“Thank you very much. Then let me start the explanation”

“Ou. Please do so”

“Yes, Than lets start seeing from the upper part”

“You know your name and sex right?”

“Aah, Of course”

“The Lv next to the name is level. If it reaches the maximum capacity of experience in the level you level up, you can get EXP after killing the enemy.”

“There seem to be no Hp or parameter, what happens when I level up?”

“When you level up your body gets stronger, and your Mana capacity gets bigger ”

“I understand my body becoming stronger but what is mana?”

“I will be explaining this later but in this world there is such a thing called magic;. This magic requires mana to be depleted”

“I see, I understand let’s move on”

“Hai next is this thing called Gifted Skill. This is a power given to you by the god. It is randomly given to everyone. And Gifted skill does not have a level even though all other skills have.”

“My Gifted skill are True Seeing Eyes and Usurper…. What does this power do?”

“I’m sorry. The abilities descriptions are not given to us. But you can look at it yourself in the status”

“Is that so. Than let me take a look”

I pressed the button which says description.
The skill’s description came up
The description was this:

True Seeing Eyes
Highest level appraisal skill
You can see the status of everything
And you can see if the opponent is lying
Impossible to hide.

You can take the opponent’s skill after defeating it.
If you already have the skill, you get experience point and merge with it.

Coercivity aura
You can scare the enemy.
The effect will differ as the difference in the level, or the level of the skill.

Body Maneuver
You can move your body easier
It supports the martial arts.

Fighting Technique
You can fight without a weapon.
Supports your body power.

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Supports Coerciatic aura
And, you become stronger against mental attacks

Other worlder
You can take tutorial
—————-It seems I got a cheat



17 thoughts on “Chapter 5 Little Loli and the Power

  1. You can take the tutorial is a pretty decent cheat.

    I wonder what he’d get for defeating the fairy. It does say take, so it’d be stealing. Perhaps he can steal 1% of it’s skill level?


  2. I wonder… will he guess to ask fairy to be part of his “starting equipment”? And will anybody else? Because with this asshole god being just created fairies… prospects are awful.


  3. The Dude is Scary as FUUUUUUUUUUUUU** then He gets A Skill For Seeing in to there skills See if there lying and basicly he Scares the hell out of you while it feel he is Staring in to your soul GG with the eyes Gag


  4. Typo:
    Than the misunderstanding is gone -> Then the misunderstanding is gone
    Than I would like to start my tutorial -> Then I would like to start my tutorial

    Thanks for the chapter.


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