Chapter 6  Explanation and the First Battle

When I explained my skill effects Tia was flabbergasted with her eyes wide open.
“Even compared to other skill, you really got some cheat level skill” that’s what she said. I feel it too.

From Tia’s explanation there seem to be 2 ways we can do to acquire the skill.
The first way is to train you way in. For example for martial arts, you can kill the monster using your hands and you can acquire it.
The second way is to use an item called Skill Orb. You can find in treasure chest around the dungeon. You can get the skill stored in the orb.
If you already owned that skill, it will level up by 1. So with such an amazing ability, it is really hard to find.

My power can ignore these orbs and can gain skill.
The cheat that otaku said probably would be this. I thought of these things.

“Can I continue with my explanation?”

“Aah, sorry. Please do so”

“Hai, then let me explain to you about the common skill”

“There is three type of normal skill. First Special Skill. This one is like the skill you own Coercivity aura and appraisal skills”

“Next is Fighting skill. Such as Archery, Spear, sword etc.. anything with physical attacking skill.”

“Third is a Magic skill. Kurosaki-san you still don’t have this yet. Magic skill contains anything to do with magic, magic control, and elemental magic.”

“I see. So how do normal people gain magic skills”

“Usually, People are born with elemental magic. Some also can gain by using magic orb”

“So without being born with elemental magic, you most likely won’t be able to use magic”

“Yes, it is so. But people with magic skill usually have harder time learning fighting skill, to keep a balance with each other”

“So what’s a title?”

“Title is something you gain after achieving the specific requirement. The title is really hard to get but it has an effect of increasing your growth rate, enhancing your power, so having it is really useful.”

“I understand. Is that all for status?”

“It is finished. Do you have any question regarding status?”

“Can other notice me if I used the appraisal skill like True seeing eyes?”

“I that person had a high detection skill than he might notice, but mostly no one will notice it since True Seeing Eyes is the highest quality appraisal skill.”

“That’s great. Then the explanation for status is done so what are we doing next?”

“Next, I’m going to explain about dungeon”

“Kurosaki-san do you know what is a dungeon?”

“I know I heard it in the RPG in the earth. If you say what it is I don’t know”

“Dungeon is a world created from the gathering of negative emotion.”

“The World? This place?”

I look around feeling at a loss.

“Hai, the negative feeling which born from many another world, God can’t extinguish all of these feelings by himself. And that leftover negative feeling will be stored in another dimension.”

“Are you telling me all the left over made this place?”

“Yes, you are right. With the gathering of negative feeling, many species, and monsters, plus traps are born. And the dungeon itself transport people from the different world and eat their soul.”

“With the gathering of the negative feeling, it changes into hatred of the world? That self-proclaimed… no, he is actually real… Whatever. So that self-proclaimed god wants us to do his stupid work.”

“If you say it like that than it is but…..”

“That self-proclaimed god is a fucking degenerate. When I meet him next time I will show him how hard my punch is”

I smiled after saying so

Tia looks like she is about to cry again.

“Goho goho, so what should I do to conquer this dungeon?”

“Ah, yes. There is a boss in every floor inside the dungeon. If you defeat the boss of the floor you can move onto next floor. If you defeat all the boss, it means you conquered the dungeon”

“Wait a moment! Next floor? You mean there is several another floor in this dungeon!?”

“Hai, that is true. In every dungeon, there is 10 floor”

“For real… How big is the floor?”

“More you go higher floor it gets smaller, so the first floor is really wide. It is almost impossible for you to go every room”

“That big… Will we get a map?”

“Of course, you get one! Just say the map and you can see the road you took.”

“Than there is no need to be afraid of being lost. Isn’t there map also right?”

“Yes but you don’t have to worry about trap in 1st floor, but if you go higher floor there will be some dangerous traps so be careful”

“If you don’t have any more question for the dungeon explanation I will finish the talk.”

“Is there a place where we can take a break”

“Ah, I’m sorry! I forgot to explain you about that. Inside the dungeon, there is some place where monsters can’t enter. So you can rest in there. At least safe from monster….”

“So that means we can’t be protected from humans… Oh well All I gotta do is prepare for myself for any incident which might occur”

“Plus when you are inside the restroom. Special magic will clean your body, so if you enter frequently you can stop worrying about being dirty”

“Hou, that will help”

“Is that all for a question”

“Yup, please proceed with the explanation”

“Lastly, I will explain about the monsters. I already talked about dungeon having monster, there is several different types of monsters are present”

“There may be a humanoid type such as goblin and ogre, Insect-type monster and even undead type monster are present. Different monsters have a different weak point so its good to know your opponent.”

“But for you Kurosaki-san, you don’t have to worry about it since you have a high-class appraisal skill, True seeing eyes.”
While saying so Tia smiled

“If I defeat the monster will I get anything other than experience point?”

“Yes, If you defeat a monster they will drop magic core.”

“If you insert the magic core inside the status board, you can exchange it for a point”

“Point? What’s that”

“Point is used to purchase foods, clothes, weapons and armours, and etc. you just have to say Shop than the screen will change.”
“I see there was something really useful such as this.”

I was worrying about foods and stuff but with this, it will help me alot.

“How do I carry around the items? I don’t even have a bag”

“When you enchant Box, you can put your items inside the another dimension. For every level, you can insert more items”

“Hoa, there seem to be many handy functions”

“After this the tutorial will finish but do you have any questions?”

“Is there any other words with effect other than “status” “map” “Shop” “Box”?”

“Yes only these four”

“I see, that’s all for the question”

“Hai, then you have to fight a monster for the last tutorial”

“I knew it was something like that, but can everyone clear this thing? Won’t there be many who can’t do this”

“People who couldn’t finish the tutorial won’t receive the tutorial gift. ”

“So there was something like that. Oh well, I just have to fight. Then please start the fight”

“Do you need any weapon?”

“I can fight with my own hands. I don’t need weapons”

“I understand. Then let us start. The enemy is a single goblin”

Goblin suddenly appeared in front of me
His height seemed to not differ much from Tia
Around my waist
Wearing dirty ragged clothes, with green skin color
I guess it’s tutorial so he is not equipped with a weapon

Goblin is running toward me
He may have a body similar to a kid but he runs just as fast as an adult
I guess this all because he is a monster
I activate my True seeing Eyes


Race: Goblin Lv1
Sex: male

Special Skill
Strong lv 1
Yes, small fry, unn small fry it is.
I guess he’s just a goblin. I don’t even have to see the description
I guess goblin and ogre are this kind of race

Even while I’m in the middle of a battle I think of stupid things.
Goblin is already reaching me with its hand.
I dashed to the front.
It was a sudden move so goblin got surprised and tried to punch me with his hand
I dodged his punch by leaning toward the left and gave a low kick to his thigh.
It seems like a goblin with a lv 1 strength seem to have a weak defence. With just that low kick it destroyed his thigh.
Goblin was crawling in pain, I kicked him in the head real hard.
Goblin’s head got half crushed and it stopped breathing

Next moment I felt something come inside my body
When I checked my status, special skill strength was in there.
I guess it was an effect of Usurper
I leveled up to 2 also
For a first fight it was good I guess

Tia was speechless looking at my side.
What happened?



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  2. Translator-san you might wanna slow your pace a tad bit. there were many grammar issues with this chapter. i’ll look through chapter later (on my phone so a tad bit difficult to point them out right now) and point out any mistakes.

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  3. My expectation (because of his scary face):

    The goblin starts running towards me, “Father, you’ve returned”.

    I was a little let down it didn’t happen.


  4. Typo:
    I that person had a high detection skill than he might notice -> If that person had a high detection skill than he might notice
    If you say it like that than it is but….. -> If you say it like that then it is but…..
    Than there is no need to be afraid of being lost -> Then there is no need to be afraid of being lost

    It seems there is a common error with the word: then.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  5. I feel that he is a retard. If it was slime, turtle or any undead instead of a goblin then he would have just died without the ability to penetrate their defence since he abandoned his chance to get FREE weapon.


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