Chapter 7 Adaptation and Hope, then Farewell

“Whats wrong Tia? Was there anything weird?”

I asked Tia who was standing flabbergasted.

“Eh, ale? Over? Already?”

“You saw what I did. I thought It wasn’t that bad of a battle…”

“…Did Kurosaki-san learn something before?”

“Learn what?”

“Did you learn something like martial arts”

“Nope, I’ve never done anything of that sort. Also, I didn’t join any club”

“Even thought you said that, how do I say it. Aren’t you used to it?”

“I’ve never experienced martial arts but I’m quite used to fighting. Because of my gaze I’ve been getting entangled by thugs”

——–It’s not a good memory though

Maybe she heard my heart’s voice. Tia smiled bitterly.
It doesn’t fit a little loli to smile bitterly, is what I thought.

“But won’t people usually hesitate before taking lives.”
“Fumu… I guess. It’s not like I don’t feel anything”

“Eh, is that so?”

Tia looked really confused

———Well my face looks fine even after killing
True, people used to say “His eyes looks like he can kill 5 people”

“It’s just I have a determination. Determination to live in this shitty dungeon”

“Is having determination easy to do?”

“No Idea. But I know that humans are living organism who are used to getting adapt to a new environment. It’s just that I adapted myself to this dungeon’s environment”

“It works…like that”

“Yup, it works like that”

I don’t even know it myself
But what I knew was I couldn’t survive in this dungeon with the mindset of my old self.

“So did the tutorial finish?”

“Ah, wait a moment. You have to pick up the Magic core”

“Magic core?… Aa, I remember you said something about that”
I look at the floor.
The body of the goblin were nowhere to be seen.
And in there was a red stone a size of a fingernail
“This is the magic core? It’s small”
“It is small because it is the lowest class core”

So the stronger the monster is the bigger the magic core.
And the bigger the magic core more points you get.

“Let’s exchange the magic core for points”

“Aah, roger”

I opened my status and inserted the magic core


Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 2
Sex: Male PT 10


Gifted Skill:
True Seeing Eyes

Special Skill:
Coercivity aura Lv8
Strength Lv1

Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver Lv5
Fighting Technique Lv5

Fearful Piercing Eyes

It popped up like so.
So a magic core of the goblin is worth 10 point

I enchanted SHOP and see the exchange list.
I found Onigiri in food column
1 costs 10 points

—– So killing one goblin is worth 1 onigiri, I’m not sure if it is cheap or not, but it looks like I have to get points whenever I can.

“That is it for the tutorial. Is there any more questions?”
Tia said with a slightly sad face.

“When I go to the higher floor, can I come back to lower floors?”

“Yes, the floor you once been, with the teleportation stone in the restroom you can teleport to it.”

“I see…. There is nothing more”

“I…See. Then this is the farewell….”

Tia had a tear dripping down her face.

I sighed

“Tia… Can we meet again?”


“Can I meet Tia again?”

“..I don’t know. I wasn’t informed of what happens to me after the tutorial”

“I see…. Than..”

I swallowed a large amount of air than——-


———— I shouted

“Did you call me?”

“You came out just like that…”

“You were the one who called me”

Self-Proclaimed god was smiling
Tia is frozen

From me shouting really loudly and from self-proclaimed got suddenly appearing, she seemed to be surprised.

“Oi Self-Proclaimed god. I have a request to make”

“That’s not an attitude to ask a person for a request”

“You aren’t a person. Asshole you forced us to do the dirty job. At Least, you can help me a bit. Aren’t you a God ”

“Well, I guess that’s true. I might as well as listen to your request, what do you want”

“Give me Tia”

Tia opened her eyes really widely.

“Sorry but that’s not possible”

“I guessed so… Then its fine for some time. Let me meet Tia”

“…you, you were a lolicon?”

The god looked really disgusted
——- Annoying

“Stop saying such a stupid things. You know it don’t you”

“…Yes yes, I understand. You are so boring.”

“So, what about my wish?”

“I guess if only that it fine. I will put some limit to what she can speak. And the time you can meet her would be whenever you cleared one floor.”

“I understand. That is fine”

“You are the first one to ever say that. You are the really mysterious person. Even your gaze is scary.”

———My gaze have nothing to do with it.

“I guess my wish was somewhat accepted. Thank you for that ”

“Hee…. that was unexpected. You were able to say your gratitude”

“I’m basically a good human. It would be scary if the bad guy looked bad ”

“So a good guy with a criminal like a face is good?”

“Some people don’t mind. Yeah Tia”

“Eh, ah, eh?”

Tia is still panicking
“Etto, I don’t really understand but I like you Kurosaki-san!!!”

“…Hee, I only created her for the tutorial but you made her say this much… You’re pretty good”

I don’t know what I’m “pretty good” at, But don’t get interested in me.

“I guess it’s about time for farewell. Work Hard Kurosaki-kun”

Self-Proclaimed god disappeared while smiling.

“Tutorial gift is 1000 point. Please check it later…. And I am really happy we are able to meet again. I will be waiting for you forever…Please be safe”

While smiling wholeheartedly Tia disappeared
“I guess it is about time to go”

When I was about to walk off saying that I felt something come inside me.
I checked my status and I saw a new title, and smile floated in my face.

——Title [Fairy’s friend]
Get extra Exp whenever you gain one.



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  2. “From me shouting really loudly and from self-proclaimed got suddenly appearing, she seemed to be surprised.”

    My thoughts when reading this line: “hmph, clearly that should say ‘self-proclaimed goat’…wait…”

    After that, I couldn’t stop reading it like that…


  3. At the end of last chapter he leveled up. But then when he opens the status he is back at lv.1. Does the EXP from the tutorial not count or did someone mess up?


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