Chapter 8 Resting and a Plan

After bidding farewell to Tia, and I explored the dungeon for 3 hours

I battled monsters 7 times
So every 30 minutes 1 battle
In one battle you fight at most with 3 monsters
Here is my status now


Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 4
Sex: Male PT 1080


Gifted Skill:
True Seeing Eyes

Special Skill:
Coercivity aura Lv8
Strength Lv3
Enhanced nose Lv 2

Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver Lv5
Fighting Technique Lv 5
Stick Technique Lv 1
Sword Technique Lv 2
Spear Technique Lv 2

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Fairy’s Friend


“Oh, that is…”

While walking I saw a room with light protecting it
When I looked inside I saw a wide room
——Is this the resting place?

I might as well as enter it.
When I enter I felt the feeling of caution fade away.
This place makes me feel safe.
My guess was right I guess.

“I will rest here for a while then”

I’ve been remembering the battle.
I definitely improved in my footing and handling my body.
Is this the effect of Body Maneuver skill
Body Maneuver didn’t really help in Stick technique but it really enhanced my body ability.
It feels my body lighter and stronger than when I was on Earth.

“Hmm, what should I do from now on”
Now I have to think about my future course.
At least in the battle, I never felt a true danger to my life.
Thanks to my skill I probably won’t be in danger, at least in this floor.
——–But It is not good to be careless.

I now understood that you can get plenty of points from defeating monsters and because of this I have to think about what I am going to do in the future.
“And I was lucky enough to get my first foothold” and I breathe out feeling relief

As my plan for future, big idea is to conquer this dungeon.
And to do that I have to defeat the Floormaster.
To defeat the floor master, I have to find the master room
For now, I have no Idea where it is.
I should continue my exploration, for the monster, meet and destroy, so to increase or increment my skills and points.

….So I will make this place my foothold for a while and explore around and widen my map.
For now, I guess 1 week should be fine like this.
If I couldn’t find anything till then, then I should find another foothold.

Now that I made a rough plan, there are other things which I should think about.
For example my classmates
I’m saying it over and over but, I am going to say it over and over again, I am a loner
I don’t have any friends I want to protect
Even so I’m not sad enough to say “What? Classmate? Is it edible?”
If they are in front of me Its not bad to help them out a little.
But truth to be told I don’t want my skill to know to others.
I don’t want to stand out.

After thinking it over and over again I came to a conclusion
I won’t be the one to initiate on searching them
If they are not in some sort of trouble, I won’t interfere unnecessary.
I will only help those who seeks for it.
I think this can be my position for now.
Things like this need a decided stance….

Good thing I have True seeing Eyes.
If the opponent is lying I can know it instantly
I can use it to see if they are really in need or not.

Later on, I bought some snacks and food and satisfied my hunger, I slept in the corner of the room.
I guess I’m more tired than what I thought.



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