Chapter 9: Rise and Superior Species (Sponsored Chaper)

How long was I sleeping for?
I’ve woke up now.

————I can’t hear my mom’s angry roar.
A morning like this really nice.
I was thinking about it but is it really morning here?
The dungeon covered with rocks, so the sunlight doesn’t reach here.
When I checked in the shop, I found a watch but it costs 1000 points.
It is not something worth 100 onigiris.
When I have more than enough I might think about it.

I got slightly hungry so I choose food randomly and bought it.
I kind of depleted points really quickly
Maybe I’m being a bit too luxurious
——I want to find an enemy more efficiently
If there is any skill with monster sensing power, I would really want that

Now that I had enough rest.
I should start exploring.
While thinking so, I left the room

2 hours passed by after I left the room.
I fought 5 battles but there was only goblin or kobold which appeared.
——Maybe if I get closer to the boss room the stronger monster appears?
I’m sure there should be more than 2 types of monster in first floor

When I was thinking that.
I saw 3 monsters not far away from me
They kinda look like a goblin, but one of them has a really big body.
His height is around my shoulders.

Monsters also noticed me and started nearing us.
Without hurry, I activated True Seeing Eyes.

Race: HoboGoblin Lv7
Gender: Male

Special Skill
Strength lv4

Fighting Skill
Body Maneuver
Sword Technique
He must be superior goblin species.
He has 2 goblin subordinates
———-I will exterminate the weaklings first

Thinking that, I ran toward the enemy.
The HoboGoblin saw me coming, so he pushed the goblin to the front.
He must be checking me out, it is convenient for me.
While dodging the goblin’s attack, I kicked him so that he will fall.
Next moment I quickly crushed the head with a stomp and killed it.
Another goblin came at me.
He is speeding toward me with a sword in its hand.
I punched his arm then punched him in the face by the help of his momentum.
I crushed his head after he fell, just in case.

The Hobgoblin became more cautious toward me as I killed two of his subordinate.
He is moving around me in a circle pointing the sword at me.
I stood still and follow him with my eyes.
The moment he positioned himself on my side, Hobgoblin came running at me after brandishing his sword.
Quickly I positioned myself and prepared my fist.
He was surprised at me for reacting really quickly, he tried to slash me.
I dodged it like how I dodge the stick attack of goblin and I caught the hobgoblin’s neck. I threw him on the floor than stomped him, he stopped breathing after 3 times.

Even if they evolved into superior rank with stronger strength, they only amount to this much since they were the goblin.
His intelligence is low and can’t make a quick decision.
If it amounts to this much I don’t have to worry about them.

——–No, I should not be careless. My life is on the line.
Yes, this is not a game. Carelessness will lead to death.
While thinking so I checked my status.

I became Level 8
And my body maneuver skill leveled up
I should become stronger with this pace.
Thinking so, I picked the magic core and continued on my exploration.

4 hours past after my exploration.
Right now I’m back in the restroom.

I fought many monsters and was able to widen my map.
But I still haven’t met other people.
I must’ve been teleported to a place with fewer people.
Or maybe they are already….
…I should rest for now.
I went to sleep in the corner of the room.


Name: Kurosaki Naoto Lv 8
Sex: Male PT 1200


Gifted Skill:
True Seeing Eyes

Special Skill:
Coercivity aura Lv8
Strength Lv5
Enhanced nose Lv 3

Fighting Skill:
Body Maneuver Lv6
Fighting Technique Lv 5
Stick Technique Lv 3
Sword Technique Lv 3
Spear Technique Lv 3
Short Sword Technique lv3

Fearful Piercing Eyes
Fairy’s Friend




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  2. Typo:
    Monsters also noticed me and started nearing us. -> Monsters also noticed me and started nearing me. (Since there no other person beside him)

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