Chapter 3 Fear and Jelousy

“As always your Eyes looks really dangerous. You aren’t thinking of doing bad things right?” my mom saying such a rude things to me and, “He probably is too young to become a criminal” I eat breakfast hearing my dad say this.

What I’m too young. I don’t plan on becoming a criminal
As I complain in my mind, I ate my breakfast, so I quickly made my preparation and left home.

Students who came earlier than me look at my side as I opened the door of the classroom.
Most of them looked as if they saw a living demon and shivered.
— Shouldn’t you guys, at least, get used to it gosh, I think like that but I guess it’s better than before. Since the people who sees my face for the first time freezes right off the bat and won’t move for a while. I guess they got a little used to it since none of them gets frozen for like awhile like before.

Even though I look kind of calm but truthfully being feared at is really sad. I saw a shadow of a person coming close to me as I was sighing at my destiny.

“Go, Good morning Kurosaki-Kun!” Trying hard to greet me.

—– If you are that scared just don’t come.
I greeted back randomly. I’m not an asshole who don’t reply. This part is Important. Super important.
Is this her curiosity to look at some scary thing. I don’t understand this person every time.

This young girl—Shinomiya Yui is a beauty.
Fine face with a perfect body with perfect shape. Her long dark black hair which reflects a light, showing her beauty even through hair.
Chaste, Pure, Beauty… This kind of words come to you when you look at her body, her looks shows her noble and richness.

And her character of being kind to everyone and anyone equality brought her fame throughout Boys and girls in the class.

Even though she has these characteristics, whenever she comes near me she becomes really stiff and unnatural. Am I that scary? Then why do you think she even talks to me, most likely it’s her kind nature which forces her to do so.

She even shows kindness to me even though I have really scary looking eyes.
Her greeting every morning shows that.

I as a kind person myself won’t give her any trouble.
So usually I would just answer back randomly and get going toward my seat.
Every time I do that she tries to talk to me but she normally can’t as fear overcomes her kindness. If I stay in front of her for any longer it feels like I’m actually bullying her or people might think I’m bullying her.
That’s why I always go toward my seat as quick as possible.

But today it didn’t go like every day

“Oi, Kurosaki! Shinomiya-san is kind enough to greet you so why don’t you greet her back properly!!”

Someone is coming toward me saying so.

Feeling annoyed inside and I turned to look at him while sighing.
When our eyes met he shivered and took a step back, He somehow gets the courage to says something stupid.

“I don’t really know why Shinomiya-san is greeting you but! Yo, You should at least reply properly!”

Shinomiya-san in panic tries to calm that guy who said this.

“Sa, Sakuma-kun. I did it on my own accord plus Kurosaki-kun replied so please don’t get that angry.”

“Bu, But…”
This guy who just can’t give up is called Sakuma Keiichi.
His looks are average. His sports sense is average, and his study is lower than average. He is a kind of thug who always has an argument with the teacher.
And this guy seemed to have a crush on Shinomiya.
That’s why he can’t accept it. That Shinomiya is trying to befriend me. To talk with me.

To me, its all just simply annoying, but if I said so Shinomiya will get hurt. That’s why I should just finish this quickly so no problem will occur. Thinking like that I tell Shinomiya “Sorry about that, I didn’t have enough sleep and was having trouble replying. Please forgive me.” I bowed my head down.

Seeing this Shinomiya and Sakuma go surprised but Shinomiya quickly realized and, said hurriedly “Ku, Kurosaki-kun! I’m not angry at all. Please raise your heads up!”
When I heard her said this, I raised my heads up and said “I’m really sorry. I will be careful from now on” and soon after I went toward my seat.



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